“I’m on a mission to put more money and decision-making power in the hands of women so we can change everything for all of us.”

This is a BIG podcast for women with goals, and we get real—real fast. With rapid-fire questions, no-holds-barred commentary, big-thinking guests, and candid live-coaching for fierce volunteers. It’s a blast and we want you to be a part of it.

Welcome to The Dia Bondi Show.

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How to Goals (when you don’t have one)

When it's time to name and claim goals, you don't have to just stare at a blinking cursor. In this episode, Dia talks through a way to approach naming and claiming some brand new goals (big ones, little ones, live [...]

How to Friendship with Shasta Nelson

Shasta Nelson is a friendship expert and is here to share how to deepen friendships so we can reach our goals. She shares the 3 things that need to be present to build friendship and her definition of friendship. In [...]

Ask Like An Auctioneer

This is the story behind the Podcast. Dia went to Auctioneering School for fun and then BOOM! She's helping women ask for more and get it using the mental model and frameworks from her impact hobby - and that [...]

What is achievement?

What is achievement? And what can we ask for to help us get there fast? In this first episode of The Dia Bondi Show Laura and Dia gig it up about achievements, goals, how we sometimes hate them. And [...]

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