It’s Thing 8-Silence rocks people

I sat in an audience yesterday and listened to people talk from a stage.  They talked about stuff, and as they did, I thought about thing 8. Shut it. Audiences like that. We have a deep need to be understood, to make sure you get it, to explain, and then explain again but in a little different way and then check again by reexplaining in yet another way.  All the while stepping on our punch lines, plowing past our best … Continued

Know what you want to say, and then listen

There’s a balance.  When we go to writing a thing- to identify the narrative of something there are to two things that need to happen. Step One:  Know what YOU want to say.   Dig in. Commit.  Get really clear because if you’re not clear, your audience won’t be either.  Have the courage to make to tight too.  If it’s a paragraph, it’s too long.  There’s this great practice of the 8 word mission statement.  In your narrative (book, campaign, keynote, … Continued

Passion Projects…

…are part of your story. While you’re in the dips and valleys of work. When you’re being tossed around and punched in the gut by projects. When you’ve recently failed. Passion projects are to the rescue-they bring you home to who you are. Some of the best presentations are the ones I’ve seen where someone gave room to make a pitch for their passion project. To lead with a force and passion that is unembarrassed and willing to turn up … Continued

Recorded the voice

With the help Sean Bolton I forced myself to start blogging.  Well, start stop then start and stop again.  The medium is not the most alluring for me.  But, talking? I can get down with that! I already talked about ArtWerk.  Or, I wrote about it…a little. Here’s my point: writing isn’t my thing right now.  Talking is.  Podcasting is rad. Last week we finally shipped.  ArtWerk the podcast is now live on ITunes, Stitcher and on our website  … Continued


I’ve had great luck in this last year meeting and working with the lovely and always weird Amelia Mulkey. Together we’ve been talking a lot about having an artful approach to work.  Not an artistic approach, but an artful one.  And during a mini-road trip we realized that the art of work is something we want to talk about…with the world.  And so Art-Werk was born- our podcast on the art of work and the art in your work.  We’ll … Continued