Today is a listening day

As storytellers and coaches of storytellers we’re alchemizing and talking and talking and telling (you know, because of the “teller” part of our roles”). Try listening. Stories we create get better the more we listen to our audiences. It’s thing 18. And it doesn’t require explanation. Just shut the hell up.

Noooooo!!!!! (many Things)

No Way! Watch this: THIS In all my years doing coaching for speakers on stage, I have never seen this happen live. This makes me so sad and angry that the folks who put on this show didn’t prepare Michael Bay for what might happen. High stakes, high pressure and a very high chance of choking says to me rehearse, have a plan b, don’t just stage it say it and give the guy some tools. In this article the … Continued

Making it up- the power of not too much

At the first platform, the train was packed. Stop by stop the crowd dwindled. Soon there was only a handful of us left and beside me sat a man. A man dressed in full camouflage. He sat on the bench near the doors, leaning one elbow and some of his weight on an enormous ruck sack. It was bulging and clearly heavy. It was worn. He sat looking tired but comfortable, like he’d been somewhere and now it was quiet. … Continued

Kurt Vonnegut. Just watch it.

Kurt Vonnegut on Story curves. It’s 4 min of genius you already know. Put your product/project/mission/fix/update/debrief/brief/sharout/powerpoint deck in this context and you’ll…well, something will be different. Click here for genius.