Let it live!

When things feel like this….be glad. I saw this on the walk back to my car at the end of my work day. Sometimes a new idea that’s trying to emerge or a new learning is trying to land, things can feel like only a sprig of green reaching from a dry crack in the earth.  It’s rich and a total contrast from what’s usually present, and it’s compelling.  Compelling and sometimes feels like a sunburn, evidence of a good … Continued

New experiences can grow empathy

Consuming an array of experiences helps us with empathy.  It’s so easy to just “do the things that we know we like” but when we push ourselves to try something new, even seemingly stupid little things, we grow empathy and our capacity to see joy in others. Dumb example: I am gym-less. In my search for a new one I sampled a kettle bell club.  Scrappy, low-fi, marginally listenable music (for me) and chalk all over the floor.  But, in … Continued

Work with watcha got

Work is never perfect.  Never is the execution flawless from end to end.  I got hit upside the head with this last weekend when we finally, after months and months of preparation, put on a live orientation training for nearly 1500 volunteers who, in January, will staff events on behalf of the Superbowl 50 Host Committee for the entire Superbowl game week (I know, you’re not a sports fan, nor am I, but the Host Committee has some bad ass … Continued


“I learned from my teachers, but became through my music” says Macklemore in his song The Town.  On my morning run, that lyric got me thinking. When are we learning?  From mentors, new situations and challenges.  New tasks, new ways of being.  Pretty much we’re learning all the time. But, what are the things that help us become.  Where we find who we are in all the learning.  We secure our point of view and engage in something in a way … Continued

Have patience for educating

It’s easy to point the finger when peoople (and groups) don’t “get” you, don’t engage with you the way you or your projects need or simply step around you.  “They don’t know this” and “They don’t get that”.  Instead, add a line item to your responsiblity list: educate people about what you do and how you do it. Teach, mentor, educate, communicate, find right.  Seek to understand.  When you do these things, people want to work with you, not around … Continued