Welcome to the Dia Bondi Show!

Thank you for being a guest on The Dia Bondi Show! We are thrilled to have you.

We’re on a mission to put more money and decision making power in the hands of women so we can change everything for all of us. This show is built to help women ask for more and get it, resource their dreams, and get command over their very next move on the path to their goals. And, have a BLAST doing it.

Target Audience:

Our target audience are ambitious women on the verge of a level up who want to be in command of their next move. They know what they want, and they’re looking for ways to support getting there- mindsets, strategies, and resources to help accelerate them on their pathway.

We want them to feel and be in command of their next step. And you are helping them do just that.

Listen to the trailer here and a select set of our latest episodes.

Your Next Step:

Please take 5 min to fill in our guest questionnaire so we get your details right!

Booking the Call:

Our team will send you a calendar invite to the recording session. The invitation will include a Zoom link. Just log into Zoom for the recording. Simple!

Who will be on the Call?

Dia will be your host and the show includes our on-air producer Arthur Leon Adams III. Unless we had to book on an off-day, he will be on the call with us. He and Dia will dial in early to set themselves up and when you join, you’ll do your soundcheck with them.

The vibe and flow:

The Dia Bondi show is confident, conversational, fun, full of heart and a little grit. We’ll always start with a few questions in hand, but if the conversation goes somewhere else, we’re happy to follow that thread. We invite you into a playful conversation about some serious business.

We’ll send you a set of questions before the show so you know what to expect.


The show is in several segments but in our call, we will only record the guest segment- this will prevent us from taking any more of your time than necessary.
We will record two sections with you:

  • The main questions/conversation for the body content of the show
  • Bonus questions for premium content

Getting the Best Audio:

We want you to sound great. Before we start recording your episode, there are a few things you can do to help us get the best possible audio. Don’t worry, they’re incredibly simple and our producer Arthur is available to assist with any technical questions or issues you might have. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Please wear headphones during the interview. Earbuds, over-ear, anything works, but it is super important for eliminating “bleed” from the host’s audio coming through your microphone.
  • Using an external mic is best. Do you own or have access to a mic? This is the best way to ensure your audio is recorded at a high quality level. Anything like the USB mics listed HERE or similar would work.
  • Don’t have a mic? No problem! We’ll determine ahead of the recording whether we will use your computer’s internal mic, or the talkback mic on your headphones. Arthur will walk you through the process.
  • We’ll record two ways. We will be recording the Zoom call, but as a failsafe we will have you record your own audio on your end. This can be done using Quicktime on Mac and Voice Recorder on PC. See these articles for a breakdown of the process:
  • Then you’ll send it. After the recording, we’ll work with you to save and send your audio to us for the episode.

If you have trouble with any of these steps we are here to help you through them. Please let us know if you have any questions before your scheduled recording date.

Bonus questions:

We will release premium content with bonus segments. To prepare for that, Dia will ask you a few “bonus” questions after the main segment of the show. Dia will finalize the main questions before the show but we always ask these three:

  1. When we say “ask for more” what comes to mind?
  2. What is one ask you made (in your life or career) that changed everything?
  3. What is your wish or hope for our listeners?
    Extra extra bonus: What contradictions are you? And what do you like about that?
    Dia is a “positive malcontent”. What she likes about that is that she has an eye to the future and sees possibilities in many things and her malcontentedness keeps her just uncomfortable enough to keep moving forward.
    Arthur is an “optimistic nihilist”. what he likes about that he has a hopeful outlook and his nihilism helps him enjoy the little things in life.

Got questions? Just reach out!

Contact: hello@diabondi.com