Action reveals a lot! This is the foundation of why you need to start saying yes to yourself. If you constantly find yourself starting over every time you start something, I would like to challenge you to a little something that will help you roll over the bumps you hit on the way to your goals and something that will help you stop making yourself wrong and start building toward what you want. Curious?? Then read on to find out how to escape do-over syndrome. 

What Is Do-Over Syndrome?

Do-over syndrome is when you become so reactive to your small mistakes and imperfections that you keep giving yourself do-overs. You begin to just restart over and over and over, and never make any forward progress and it prevents you from finding your way forward. This becomes an endless cycle of “Do-Over Syndrome.”

So How Can You Stop Do-Over Syndrome?

Escaping do-over syndrome can be a little bit challenging, depending on how hard you tend to be on yourself. However, once you start saying yes to yourself, it gets easier and easier because you start to trust yourself to keep moving even when you hit a bump or take a wrong turn. 

What Does “Saying Yes To Yourself” Mean?

Saying yes to yourself means that you continue and make it work–even when you instinctively want to start over. You trust yourself to keep moving forward and take action through the perceived imperfections and mistakes you see. Saying yes to yourself allows you to stop reacting to those mistakes and imperfections, and instead build from them.

Does Saying Yes To Yourself Mean You Have To Say Yes To Everything?

Absolutely not! Saying yes to yourself is not saying yes to everything that’s ever presented to you… Instead, it’s more like saying no to being overly critical of yourself and falling into do-over syndrome. 

Action reveals a lot, and saying yes to yourself is an action that can reveal a lot about how your thoughts and ideas can flow, adapt, and grow. 


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