It’s time to Flip the Script 

On Asking

Let’s ask for more and get it.

It’s good to know how to ask for what you want. It’s game-changing to have the confidence and strategies you need to challenge what you think you can get. When you do, you’ll never leave any opportunity on the table again. Ever.

In my years coaching the most ambitious, distinctive leaders to find the courage to speak from the heart at the most important moments in their careers, I noticed a pattern: When we make the asks that can change everything, we often lowball ourselves, leaving money and opportunity on the table.

I’m here to change that.

In 2018, I launched Project Ask Like an Auctioneer with the goal of helping one million women ask for more and get it using the tools and frameworks from the world of fundraising auctioneering- something I do as an impact for women-led nonprofits and nonprofits benefiting women and girls.

It grew and produced a mission.

Today I’m on a mission to put more MONEY- and DECISION-MAKING POWER in the hands of women so we can change everything for all of us.

And I’m doing it by helping women ask for more and learn to use asking as a success strategy so they can reach their goals faster.

Join Me.

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Advocating for yourself and knowing when and how to make big asks requires flexing a muscle that many people, including myself, aren’t always working to refine. …we have to also prioritize our own progress, because nobody else will….Dia has helped me sharpen those skills needed to do the job.

Sylvie Veilleux, CIO Dropbox

…We found her talk both practical and inspiring. She’s teaching core principles that are relevant to nearly every individual in practically every industry.

Kat Gordon, Founder 3% Movement

My mind was BLOWN! I loved it! I am so excited to go into this negotiation. Before I was scared. Now, I am empowered. [The negotiation] can’t come soon enough!

Teal H., Engineer Tech & Realtor

Dia has delivered one of the best series of talks and workshops that Latinas in Tech has ever hosted. She not only is super collaborative in the planning of our co-hosted events, but also an amazing presenter. Dia’s sessions fill up every time! Latinas in Tech is lucky to have such an impactful coach as a resource to our community. Thank you, Dia, for helping us succeed!

Larissa Prairie, Partner, Latinas in Tech

Dia’s strategies to ask big came in a perfect timing for my business. I am pitching my idea to big corporations

Participant, Your Most Powerful Ask, LIVE